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Download Trainer for NBA 2K21 13 free

Cheat trainer for the new NBA 2K21 game. Easy operation via the menu, many functions and a large selection of features. Dominate the NBA 2K21 game with a free working trainer. The game will become easier and more wins. Cheat trainer for the new NBA 2K21 game. Easy operation via the menu, many

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NBA 2K21: Trainer +13

Trainer Options
# Timers
NumPad1: Set Quarter Length
NumPad2: End Quarter
NumPad3: Super Shot Clock
NumPad4: Instant Shot Clock Violation
NumPad5: No 8 Second Violation
# Controlled Player
NumPad6: No Fatigue
NumPad7: Unlimited Stamina
# Team Mods
NumPad8: Super Player Controlled Players
NumPad9: Weak CPU Controlled Players
Editor Options
# Points
Add Score Team 1
Add Score Team 2
# Clocks
Current Game Clock
Current Shot Clock

Free Download NBA 2K21: Trainer +13

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.

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