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The Mummy: 5 Trainer

A simple trainer for the old game The Mummy. 5 working functions, easy controls.Options Trainer The Mummy:Numpad 1 - Infinite HealthNumpad 2 - Endless AmmoNumpad 3 - Endless GrenadesNumpad 4 - Endless LifeNumpad 5 - Instant KillingInstallation instructions:Unpack all the files from the archive.Run

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The Mummy: +5 Trainer

The Mummy: +5 Trainer

A simple trainer for the old game The Mummy. 5 working functions, easy controls.

Options Trainer The Mummy:

Numpad 1 – Infinite Health

Numpad 2 – Endless Ammo

Numpad 3 – Endless Grenades

Numpad 4 – Endless Life

Numpad 5 – Instant Killing

Installation instructions:

Unpack all the files from the archive.

Run the trainer.

Launch the game without closing the trainer.

Press the keys shown in the trainer.

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